Succession Planning

Every organization needs a strategic approach
to filling critical positions.
Are you prepared for whatever the future might bring?

A succession plan contains the strategy, procedures and action steps an organization will use to fill critical roles left vacant by turnover or retirement.

Success Labs guides organizations through every step of succession planning. Succession planning helps:
  • Manage the risk associated with losing key leaders.
  • Ensure successful leadership transitions as the organization grows and changes.
  • Challenge, develop and reward talented employees.
  • Increase retention of exceptional employees.
  • Related services include

    • Defining core roles and competencies.
    • Assessing the risk associated with turnover and retirement.
    • Identifying high-potential employees.
    • Managing the talent-development process.
    The use of a company skilled in succession planning like Success Labs not only added credibility to the process but also was critical for us to meet our aggressive timeline. Our leaders were surprised at how quickly we could generate the necessary information by utilizing the process we developed.
    Jay Sciambra, Director, Human Resources
    Jay Sciambra, Director, Human Resources

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