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Success Labs Leadership Profiles: Introducing Megan Redhead

This summer we welcomed Success Labs’s newest team member, Megan Redhead, who recently earned her master’s degree in industrial/organizational psychology from Purdue University in Indiana. Megan has a strong background in data analysis and reporting, organizational research and evidence-based practices.

From her previous roles in academic and health care settings, she has acquired experience in designing and implementing surveys, conducting focus groups and interviews, and writing business proposals and research reports. Her key projects have focused on building performance-management systems and designing training programs.

Learn more about Megan in this interview.

What’s your leadership philosophy?

When I think about leadership, I think about who is being led and why. We cannot look solely at the leader; we must also consider the team and the collective vision and purpose.

What are the hardest and best leadership lessons you’ve ever had to learn?

St. Elizabeth Hospital President and CEO Robert Burgess shared the most insightful leadership lesson I’ve heard to date: “A leader absorbs the responsibility and risk, and gives away the credit and praise.”

How do you use data to help improve organizations and individuals?

The potential for data to improve the lives of organizations and their members is limitless. Organizations can optimize data from previous research to guide their business strategies and follow best practices. Additionally, consistently collecting information within an organization helps keep a finger on the pulse on the health of an organization and its members.

Perhaps the greatest contingency of data and its potential is how the information is collected and then applied.  You can ask of the data any question you like:

  • Are employees committed and satisfied at work?
  • Are there gaps in our current training and development initiatives?
  • Who are our high potentials?

As long as the principles surrounding measurement and administration are strong and sound, data can provide great clarity and support to an organization’s people and business strategies.

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned since you started working at Success Labs?

The biggest lesson I’ve learned since working at Success Labs is that there is both a science and an art to consulting. As a consultant, you have to flex your skillset and approach according to the client and their needs. It’s not as simple as knowing the latest research and business trends.

Describe a client whose leadership growth has especially impressed you.

I’m most impressed by clients who demonstrate great initiative. One client from our Management Incubator program especially comes to mind. The Management Incubator program is designed to develop talented individual contributors and help prepare them for leadership and management positions.

This particular client began applying the lessons from the program before its completion and in creative, innovative ways. She leveraged key leadership competencies, such as motivating others and strategic agility, to improve the morale and performance of her team. She is a living example of leadership in place, and I’m sure has a bright future ahead.

Do you need help with leadership development? Contact us to see how Megan and the rest of the Success Labs team can help your organization.

Success Labs is a leadership development and management consulting firm in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. For more than 25 years, our expert team of consultants has worked with hundreds of companies to explore their business potential and improve their company and cultural performance. Contact us to get proactive about your people strategy.

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