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4 New Year’s Resolutions to Become a More Resilient Leader in 2018

The business world is increasingly complex and is changing more rapidly than ever — and you shouldn’t expect it to slow down anytime soon.

This uncertain climate requires an organization and its leaders to not only manage day-to-day operations but to develop adaptability and nimbleness to weather the many bumps in the road they are likely to encounter. It requires resilience.

We’ve responded to this need to develop resilience in leaders and made it an emphasis in our own Leadership Coaching Series, a development program for talented managers preparing to take on higher-level leadership roles.

Change is constant, but progress does not happen automatically — it takes a combination of planning and action. With that in mind, the beginning of a new year is the perfect time for leaders to take action and find ways to develop their resilience. Here are four resolutions to get you on the right path in 2018.

Clarify Your Purpose

As a leader it’s important to clearly understand what you’re trying to achieve, why it’s important and how you’re going to make it happen. The beginning of the year is an excellent time to revisit your mission, your vision and your strategy. Carve out some time to really give all three of these elements some serious thought, then write them down.

Your strategies may need to adjust during times of change, but your overall path and purpose should remain generally pointed in the same direction. Maintaining a clarity of vision and purpose can help you navigate a volatile atmosphere in a nimble and productive way.

Develop Strong Relationships

Even for the most talented of leaders, resilience is not a solo endeavor. The truth is it’s almost impossible to be truly resilient unless you feel supported and have great relationships that allow you to work with colleagues in a productive way.

Spending time and energy developing relationships — both at work and beyond the office — is a major factor in becoming a well-rounded and adaptable leader.

To cultivate stronger connections, first identify the relationships or the stakeholders that are critical to your success at work and at home, and make sure you’re proactively investing in building solid relationships with those people. This could include your boss, your direct reports or your peers — and also your family or mentors outside the office.

Work on Creativity and Problem Solving

A constantly changing business environment requires that leaders practice creative thinking. Creativity leads to strong problem-solving skills that let leaders work around obstacles, ultimately driving the types of solutions that create healthy companies.

If you feel like your creative spark needs some encouragement, try to put yourself in new situations as often as possible. Seek out new experiences, such as personal or professional travel, field trips to other departments or outside companies, industry conferences and cross-functional team experiences.

Take some time to assess how you approach problem solving. To compete in a dynamic market, avoid overly simplistic right-versus-wrong thinking, and do not assume that one person or group has all the answers. Use brainstorm models and techniques to get past traditional thinking and promote new and different ideas.

Prioritize Wellness and Manage Stress

A healthy mindset and perspective are essential foundations for developing resilient leadership, and one of easiest ways to cultivate such a mindset is to be smart about your health and wellness.

Proactively manage your stress and wellness by participating in good health behaviors, such as sleeping right, exercising regularly, eating healthy and pursuing hobbies and interests outside of the workplace.

Developing an inner strength and healthy foundation will help you more effectively navigate the ever-changing business environment that is certain to continue into 2018.

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