Management Incubator

The Success Labs Management Incubator is a development program
for talented high-potential employees.

Nurture your organization’s top talent with help from the Success Labs Management Incubator.

The Management Incubator is a development program for talented individual contributors who are emerging as leaders in your organization. Through competency-based leadership assessments, experiential learning, individual coaching and development planning, and completion of a community-based project, the Management Incubator gives rising leaders reliable information about their leadership styles and potential challenges, strengths and weaknesses. Participants leave with an understanding of the competencies they’ll need as they take the next steps in their careers and action plans to help develop those competencies. The ideal candidate is a successful individual contributor who was recently promoted or is being considered for promotion to a supervision or management position.
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  • Individual coaching.
  • Leadership development planning.
  • Identifying and nurturing employee potential.
  • Next-level skill development.
  • Identify strategies for growth.
With Success Labs' competency-based programs, we've seen a marked improvement across the board in the effectiveness of our managers and our line employees, and that effect translates into each manager and employee clearly understanding what it takes for them to be effective at their job.
Mike Hebert, Human Resources
Mike Hebert, Human Resources

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