Leadership Development

Are you transitioning your employees into
higher-level leadership roles?

Leadership development can enhance the quality of leadership at the individual and organizational level.

Our competency-based development process focuses on the core skills and competencies most associated with successful leadership, including communication, coaching skills (giving feedback, listening and conflict management), presentation skills, influencing others, teamwork and creativity. Success Labs specializes in development programs for technical employees who are moving into leadership roles in the construction, contracting, manufacturing and petrochemical industries. We provide a combination of coaching and next-level leadership skills such as advanced coaching skills, teamwork, influencing others, innovation management and strategic competencies. Success Labs is dedicated to developing the leaders of today for tomorrow.
Related services include

  • Assessing employees’ strengths and weaknesses.
  • Identifying areas of development to focus on.
  • Maintaining employee commitment.
  • Helping employees expand their capacity.
  • Enhancing employee effectiveness.
I've used the team at Success Labs for the past eight years to develop the managers that are most critical to our mission.
- Robert Burgess, President & CEO
- Robert Burgess, President & CEO
St. Elizabeth Hospital (Formerly with EATEL)

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Enhance the quality of leadership at the individual and organizational level.
We can help you develop your leaders.

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