Introducing Cay Wittenberg, Consultant and Coach at Success Labs

Learning and teaching have been a theme in Cay Wittenberg’s career so far, and that love of learning is what lead her from a teaching background to work at Success Labs. “The experiences I’ve had added up to where I’m supposed to be,” she says, and we feel the same way.

After growing up in St. Louis and graduating from the University of Kansas with a degree in community health education, she found herself working with Teach For America in Louisiana. When her term with TFA was up, she says, she wanted to apply what she had learned about teaching and coaching to adults.

Here are a few of those principles that she’ll be applying in her work at Success Labs.

Growth Comes from Learning

For children, learning comes naturally; they’re interested in the world around them and figuring out how things work. Cay says it’s important for adults to keep learning, just like they did when they were kids. And that includes understanding themselves better, not just accumulating external knowledge.

In her role at Success Labs, she’ll be working with people to drive that introspection and help them understand their motivations and traits. “I really enjoy the self-discovery process individuals can take,” she says. “I enjoy when people can identify and really pinpoint their own strengths. That’s what drives my passion.”

Find Ways to Build Confidence

Cay says working with kids in underserved areas taught her how confidence and courage can go a long way toward building new skills. When faced with a lack of resources, it can be hard to feel confident about your abilities. But Cay says she also found that confidence and courage can come from knowing where to apply your strengths.

“I love having someone discover that they can be a leader when they had doubts otherwise,” she says. “I love seeing that element of pride, that confidence boost that they’re able to be more courageous in their profession or independent lives. Not everyone has the same strengths, so you can be your own leader in your own way. It’s transformational.”

Enjoy the Journey of Self-Discovery

Cay says she’s looking forward to working with others on their journeys of self-discovery. She likes helping people learn about themselves and develop new skills. She wants to help people understand the world, where they fit in it and how to use the skills they have to help the world progress. That role may be aiding what people are already doing, or showing them new ways to master their skills.

In her free time, Cay likes to travel to visit friends and family around the country, exercise with her dog or hang out with friends as they cheer on sports teams and look for the newest hot spots in the Baton Rouge area.

We’re excited to have Cay on board!

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