inQ® Succession and Workforce Planning Software

inQ Succession Planning software

Talent management is no longer just an HR issue -- it’s an
essential element in every successful business strategy.

inQ® succession and workforce planning software puts crucial people-management data at your fingertips.

Success Labs’ proprietary software is an affordable, customizable tool for succession and workforce planning. It helps you target your company’s most critical positions and identify key talent. inQ® ensures your high-potential employees have effective development plans and are on track to achieve their growth goals, so they’ll be ready when you need them to step into next-level roles.
inQ® helps you:

  • Track employee performance.
  • Create individual development plans.
  • Identify employees you're at risk of losing.
  • Organize succession and workforce planning information.
  • Create reports.
inQ® helps bridge the gap -- it gives us a language between HR and management to communicate about issues. These were things we struggled with when we didn’t have a common reference point.
John Wennemann, Director of Human Resources
John Wennemann, Director of Human Resources
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