Executive Coaching

Executive coaching identifies strengths and challenge areas that affect senior leaders' effectiveness.

Executive coaching addresses the leadership competencies required to effectively influence individuals and groups at a strategic level, and to develop and lead high-functioning teams.

The executive coaching process is a structured and action-oriented process designed to help individual leaders achieve their full potential and bring value to their organizations. Over more than 25 years, the Success Labs team of consultants has perfected its coaching techniques to effectively identify leaders’ core skills and competencies, set goals for improvement and help leaders achieve those goals.
Related services include

  • Raising self-awareness.
  • Discovering strengths & weaknesses.
  • Increasing leadership skills.
  • Enhancing strategic thinking.
  • Setting goals.
  • Identifying strategies for improvement.
I am impressed with Success Labs. The class sessions and personal coaching given to the attendees exceeded my expectations. This is what leadership training was meant to be – focused, intentional, and measurable!
John Richmond, Vice President of Administration
John Richmond, Vice President of Administration

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