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Leadership Coaching Series Takes on CPEX’s Challenges

The Center for Planning Excellence is the only nonprofit planning organization in Louisiana. As such it takes on a wide variety of projects and initiatives — […]

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How to Conduct Sensitive Conversations with Tact

You’ve been dreading it, but you can’t put things off any longer. It’s time to have that conversation that’s so sensitive you don’t really know how […]

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Change Management Basics

People don’t always welcome change, but in business, it’s the one thing you can count on. The concept of “change management” can help organizations prepare employees […]

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political savvy in the office

Political Savvy in the Office: What It Really Means

“Political savvy” can get a bad reputation — too often it can conjure up images of backstabbing co-workers and up-and-comers who stop at nothing to get […]

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Leadership Journeys: Launch Media’s John Jackson

John Jackson is a creative force in the Baton Rouge business community: His video production company, Launch Media, helps organizations create award-winning training, safety and marketing […]

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