Delegation Is A Fundamental Skill For Any Manager. Here’s How To Do It Well.

As you grow in your career and take on more responsibility, it inevitably becomes clear that you can’t handle every task on your own. Not only […]

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3 Conflict Management Tips to Help Your Team Avoid a Summer Staff Meltdown

The summer temperature feels great at the pool or the beach, but it’s no fun when things heat up in the office. Whether it takes the […]

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Leadership Journeys: Christy Reeves

Nonprofit executive Christy Oliver Reeves has been a passionate advocate for community improvement for more than two decades. The New Orleans native and longtime Baton Rouge […]

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Business leaders give Baton Rouge Youth Coalition helping hand through Success Labs Leadership Coaching Series

Wednesday, a group of business leaders from our Leadership Coaching Series presented detailed action plans to help The Baton Rouge Youth Coalition increase its community impact […]

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Hiring graduates

5 Ways to Attract Recent Grads and Set Them Up for Success

With college graduation season upon us, the next wave of young workers is about to hit the job market in huge numbers. During the 2017-18 school […]

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