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Cay Wittenberg Success Labs

Introducing Cay Wittenberg, Consultant and Coach at Success Labs

Learning and teaching have been a theme in Cay Wittenberg’s career so far, and that love of learning is what lead her from a teaching background […]

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how to complete a knowledge transfer plan

How to Complete a Knowledge Transfer Plan

When it’s time for an employee with a wealth of institutional knowledge to leave the organization, company leaders are faced with a critical task: transferring all […]

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Leadership Coaching Series Takes on CPEX’s Challenges

The Center for Planning Excellence is the only nonprofit planning organization in Louisiana. As such it takes on a wide variety of projects and initiatives — […]

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Success Labs Chelsea Harris

Introducing Chelsea Harris: Success Labs’ Development, Strategy and Tech Consultant

Chelsea Harris has always looked for leaders — and decided if she couldn’t find them, she’d become one. She took that approach as a child on […]

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How to Conduct Sensitive Conversations with Tact

You’ve been dreading it, but you can’t put things off any longer. It’s time to have that conversation that’s so sensitive you don’t really know how […]

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