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Today, Success Labs announced a new funding and community partnership, The Lead And Build “LAB” Grant to be awarded to local nonprofits serving the Baton Rouge area.

The LAB Grant totals to more than $1,500 for each partnership which includes a $1,000 gift to be used at the nonprofit’s discretion, a hands-on project to enhance an existing space or function and $500 project seed money. These projects are generated and implemented by participants of Success Labs’ leadership development training series that take place twice a year in the spring and fall.

This fall’s grant award will support one nonprofit working to improve the Baton Rouge community and its people.  This grant is a formalization of a collective of 15 years of donating and partnering with local nonprofits to grow leaders and build community. For over a decade, Success Labs and its leadership development series participants have partnered with local nonprofits to improve or enhance the function and aesthetics of a space, and developed ideas to help them meet growth goals, increase brand awareness or align strategic initiatives to organization’s mission and vision. The popular Dancing with “Big Buddy” event was generated and presented to the organization by past group of the Leadership Coaching Series.

Most recently, the Success Labs leadership development series participants worked with Front Yard Bikes, a local organization that focuses on teaching participants of all ages the mechanics of fixing and maintaining a bike, financial and academic accountability and road traffic and cycling safety practices.

“As a nonprofit, you have no time – and limited amount of money to implement big ideas,” said Tatianna Hines, Program Manager of Front Yard Bikes. “Having eight or ten people with fresh ideas come to your location, see what needs to be done and actually implement it is beyond valuable. And then, for the other group to come up with ideas to help grow your organization or raise awareness – is even more invaluable.”

Nonprofits will need to complete a brief application and submit by August 9, 2019. The LAB Grant award recipient will be announced at the end of August.

These projects come in conjunction with Success Labs’ Leadership Coaching Series and Management Incubator. Over a course of five weeks, the interactive series provides participants with the skills necessary to be an effective leader. From self-awareness, effective communication, professional presence, coaching and developing others and creativity and insight, participants leave with a deeper understanding of how to be effective as a team member and a leader. These skills are then put to use when the participants, broken into teams, tackle the nonprofit project.

“We take our corporate responsibility to grow our community very seriously,” says Devin Lemoine, owner of Success Labs. “So, we focus our efforts on not only developing leaders that will thrive in today’s business world but will also understand the importance of making a difference in our local community.”

Applications are now open. Nonprofits are encouraged to learn more and apply here.

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