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2015 Leadership Trends

Leadership isn’t something that changes year after year like models of new cars. For the most part, the same leadership skills and strategies people have been talking about for years remain relevant today. The business landscape does change, however, and may require adjustments to your approach. They may include a shift toward a culture of transparency, use of social media as a significant communication tool or a further commitment to leadership development.

I’ve assembled a collection of articles and blog posts with valuable information and advice, plus a reading list, on 2015 leadership trends and tried-and-true traditions.

Resolve For 2015: Strengthen Your Own BRAVE Leadership. Forbes: “Webster defines ‘brave’ as having or showing courage – the mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty. BRAVE is also an acronym for Behaviors, Relationships, Attitudes, Values, and Environment, which together form a framework for leadership. Resolve for 2015 to strengthen your own leadership by applying this framework.”

Leadership and Transparency 2015: The Social Media Imperative. The Huffington Post: “Leading with transparency involves a feedback loop, where what comes into the exchange is as important as what goes out. The insights discovered or connections made one-to-one feed the corporate reports or formal information shared, and vice versa. Business leaders who brave social media participation as their authentic selves make the best conduits for such interaction. And, THEY are the ones who will make the biggest difference for corporate transparency in 2015.”

Leadership Development Trend for 2015: Shift Toward Shared Responsibility. “Nearly half of senior human resources leaders globally identified leadership development as their top priority in a 2014 Right Management survey, Talent Management: Accelerating Business Performance. However, ‘only 13% of these leaders have confidence in the strength of their leadership pipelines,’ said Mike Bleadorn, vice president and practice leader of Right Management, a division of ManpowerGroup.”

12 Leadership Books to Watch for in 2015. The Washington Post: “Who better to offer negotiation or decision-making advice than experts at improv comedy? The authors of Yes, And are executives at The Second City, the improv group and empire where comedians like Tina Fey and Stephen Colbert got their start. The institution has long brought its techniques for clever on-the-spot acting to corporate clients as well, helping them improve creativity and navigate sticky situations. Now Kelly Leonard and Tom Yorton are sharing those ideas in this book. Since leaders today increasingly have to stay nimble, make fast decisions and respond in real time, the skills to improvise may be just as critical as the ability to plan ahead.”

Five Key Leadership Principles that are not 2015 Trends, but Timeless Imperatives. Philadelphia Business Journal: “Lead how you would like to be led. Establish goals with your direct reports and ensure they know what your expectations are. Let them know that their performance will be assessed not only on achievement of those goals, but also how they lead their direct reports and create future leaders of the organization.”

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